Living Laughing and Loving Like Littlefield's

Living Laughing and Loving Like Littlefield's

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oaklynn's First Birthday

Where has the time gone? Our tiny 6 lb. bundle of joy that we brought home from the hospital, is now a walking, babbling toddler! She loves to sing with Mom and Dad. She loves to carry her baby dolls around and say "oooh" to them. She basically will copy anything that she see's me doing, which has its good and bad moments. She is a ham and makes me laugh just as hard as her Dad does. We love our Oaklynn pie and can't wait to see what she will do next!

Love, The Littlefields

3 Things I've Learned In Spokane, WA

My husband, Dallin, wants to be a lawyer. He took the LSAT and applied to schools all across the country. We ended up choosing Gonzaga University as our new school and Spokane, WA as our new home. In August, we moved our 8-month-old baby and all of our crap 11 hours north.

Since the move, I have learned a lot about myself. Until now, I have lived in the bubble of Utah surrounded by Mormons and family alike. Life in Utah was comfortable and familiar. Spokane has been a different story. 

Here are 3 things I have learned: 

1. You can survive for weeks without the sun. 

I have never gone so long without seeing the sun. Not only is it usually rainy and overcast in Spokane, but since winter and daylight savings, the sun goes down at 4:30 and dusk hits at 3 in the afternoon. Although, you can survive with very limited sunlight, it's no fun. Lately I soak up the sun every minute I can when it's out! The scene from Twilight where the kids are sitting outside basking in the sun at lunch time makes a lot more sense. 

2. People are people no matter where you go, but some people are nicer than others. 

I have made more friends than I could have ever expected in Spokane. The ward has become my family. I love a lot of people in Spokane.

However, there are a lot of people who I don't share the same political opinions with and who seem uptight and apprehensive. I still haven't figured out why so many people in Spokane are paranoid and unhappy, and I hope I never find out. Perhaps the presidential election had something to do with it. 

3. You can be happy anywhere. 

The first few weeks here were really hard. I missed my family. I missed the familiarity of the streets and buildings in Utah. I missed quirky Utahans who always get into your business. I missed only having two options of restaurants in my small town.

I called my Mom and sister nearly every day over Facetime just so I could see some one I knew that day. 

However, things have gotten easier. The streets are more familiar. I have found new restaurants that I love. I have met people who are just as nice, kind, and sincere as those in my hometown. 

I am happy again in Spokane. We are exploring our new home and having a blast! Dallin and I are closer as a couple than ever before. Moving has been a blessing in disguise. Will we go back to Utah? Heck yes! But, until then, we are happy! 

Love, The Littlefields

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Review: The Selection Series

Summary plot: A young girl named America is chosen to participate in her socialistic societies competition to become the next queen. Basically, it's the Hunger Games meets the Bachelor.

I will start by saying I read all three books in three days. This is definitely one of those "can't put it down" books. The only downside was that they ended. Here is my take on each book.

Book One: The Selection 

I loved how Kiera Cass was able to recreate all the struggles and emotions that come along with your first love. I'm not one for solely romantic novels. I usually need more drama and background story to keep me interested and this book definitely didn't disappoint.

This book kicks off immediately. No need to read for ages just to get to the good parts. Yet, just when you're about to get attached to the first romance, it's taken away all too quickly.

Now, this introduces one of the things I didn't like about the book. I realize that we are dealing teenagers here, but America is so indecisive and immature that it's hard not to get super frustrated when she makes dumb choices. This is a common theme throughout all of the books. There were so many times when I was like JUST TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL! But, she doesn't and things get dramatic.

Once she gets to the palace, I couldn't get enough of Maxon/America time. She is fierce with him and he eats it up, which I think is how a lot of women want to be.

I also loved how Kiera was able to keep you on the edge of your seat when you basically know how it's going to turn out. I mean, when you name the last book The One, you need other ways to create suspense besides "if she'll make it to the next round". (Except at the very end. You never know who he'll choose in the end.) ;)

Book Two: The Elite

I thought this book would just be a filler not a whole lot of action and I wasn't completely wrong, but it was still good. Kiera keeps putting twists and turns that bring life to the story. There are lots of unexpected events and despite you telling yourself "you know how this ends" she has a way of making you question yourself....a lot.

This book brings out women empowerment. America is a very strong, independent woman. She stands up to everyone, including the King himself. That empowerment is one reason I liked this book. I think she has an edge that was hard not to mimic once I stopped reading.

That being said, she is also impulsive, which made her seem dumb. A dumb, strong women is almost more aggravating than just a quiet woman. I was constantly thinking "that probably could have been done better" or "I would have probably been a bit more conscientious if it were me". Even so, it had a great overall message of the power of women.

This book also brings the Aspen/Maxon struggle to a forefront. I loved this part of the story because it is so relatable. Most, if not all, the girls I know have had at least a tiny battle in their heads about their last and current love. Not to mention the hard-to-forget feelings of your first love. The whole time she was explaining her feelings between the two I couldn't help but feel like YES! I know exactly how that is.

Book Three: The One

This book went by REALLY fast but in a good way. I was biting my nails the entire time! I really liked the unsurety she created between her and Maxon's relationship. Despite their issues, you keep reminding yourself "they have to end up together", which makes the relationship seem all the more real. How many times have we had the same situation? Relationship issues that leave us just praying but we have to end up together!

The books weren't flawless, but I would definitely rank them in my top 10. If you love to read, then these are a must! On top of that, they're going to become a movie so now is probably a good time to read them!

The Littlefields

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chelsea's Baseball Baby Shower

A baby born to the Child's is bound to play baseball! Which is why I decided that was the perfect theme for Chelsea's future baby!

From the banners to the food, we made everything baseball! 

For the games, we played the yarn game, don't say baby, candy bar game, charades, and family feud. 

We served franks in a baby blanket, home-made cracker jacks, chocolate dipped strawberries, oreo balls, veggie's, and grape juice. 

We had a good turn out and Chelsea got some perfect gifts for her baby! 

 We love you Chels! And you will make the best Mom ever!

The Littlefield's

What I Will Give to Be Someone's Mommy

My first stretch mark was when I was a lot younger and came from growing (I assume). By now, those marks have faded and you can barely see them. UNTIL TODAY! In that same area (my sides) my dear skin has started to stretch again. They are still faint marks, but you can see the strain on my skin from my recent "baby bump" growing. Not too bad so far, but I still have three months of growing and I can only imagine how much they will grow by the time the baby comes.

I can already hear my Mom joining the millions of other mothers saying "The babies are worth it!" and I know they are. I know that I will never regret these nine months of changes to bring my new best friend into the world. And I will still love myself and my body even with the new tiger stripes that I will develop. HOWEVER, stretch marks still suck!

I have been using Palmers Stretch Mark Cream for the past two months after I get out of the shower. It worked for my cousin, but apparently no body is the same. Despite my efforts, those pesky marks are still forming.

So, even though I have beat the nausea, fatigue, and food aversions it turns out my pregnancy still has some curve balls left for me.

I can't help but think these small lines represent more than just my changing outward appearance. They represent all of the changes and sacrifices that are bound to come as I enter motherhood. I know, I still have no idea what I'm talking about. I don't know how many hours I will lose calming a crying child or what it feels like to go days without sleep. I don't know what it's like to see your child come home frustrated with bully problems and feel so helpless.

But I can't help but get excited! To know that God has allowed a young girl like me the responsibility to nurture one of His most precious spirits is an honor. And I am willing to give my body, my time, and my entire heart to her. I know all the sacrifices are worth it!

The Littlefields

Monday, July 13, 2015

We're Having A...

We went in for our 20 week ultrasound on July 8th. Our little baby is doing great! Everything is measuring just where it should. I, like most people I imagine, can't tell the difference between ultrasound pictures. I'm sure my baby looks just like the next ladies baby, but still :) Here are the pics

The arm

The leg

The head
 Now, without further ado! We're having a...

I couldn't be more excited! I love all things pink. I love dress and dancing. I love silly sleepovers and playing house. Turns out that my very best friend is on her way!!!

The Littlefields

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

4 Months and Counting

I always love a good pregnancy update from others so here is my four month update. As of right now, I have gotten over most of my morning sickness. Not by my own efforts, but because of a heavenly combination of vitamin B6 and Unison right before bed. Not only do I sleep like a baby ;), but I also don't have morning sickness for most of the day. I still get a little queezy right before bed, but I'll take what I can get.

My stomach has definitely grown. Unfortunately, compared with other pregnant friends I feel like I look more like I'm 20 weeks rather than 16, but the bump is more fun for me and Dallin! He'll say hi to the baby and he swore last night he could feel the babies heart beat from his side of the bed. Haha I can't wait to see him hold his son or daughter for the first time! 

I really like grapefruit right now and snow cones! I weigh 158 lbs, which is still five pounds lighter then when I was first pregnant. My doctor doesn't seem too worried though. We find out the gender July 8th on Uncle Adam's birthday!

The Littlefields